Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of wood do you use to make your toys?

Most of our toys are made from pine. 
We also use maple, cherry and walnut for some toys or elements of toys. Usually when we say "hardwood" we mean maple, cherry or walnut. Hardwoods can be light coloured or dark colour. 

What do you mean by "unfinished"?

By "unfinished", we mean there is no paint, stain, oil, coating or any other "finish" on the wood. It's clean raw wood.
All our toys are smooth, sanded and ready to be played with immediately. Rock the cradle, fly the planes, float the boats - all ready to go!

Do I have to paint your toys?

No, you don't have to. 

You can, if you choose to, but the natural wood is perfect for play and will age beautifully. 

Some of our customers like to customize their toys and we are working on a guide to fun ways to personalize your toys to make them even more special. 

But what about the boats, don't they need to be protected from water?

No, you can use all of our boats in the tub or pool or lake as they are. 

There will be no problem unless you leave them sitting in water for days. At that point the wood could start soaking in some of the water and over time this could cause some cracking.

In the tub or pool, just take them out when the kids come out of the water and let them dry somewhere. 

If you have them at the cottage for use in the lake or river, do the same thing. At the end of the season at the cottage, make sure they are dry and give the bottom a little wipe with a sterilizing cloth before you store them for next season.

I have another question about your Toys.

Great, we love talking about our toys. Just click HERE or on  the Chat button over to the right and we'll respond as quickly as we can.



Can I buy toys and ship them as a gift? 

Absolutely! We have people do that all the time.

We don't wrap the toys, but we will happily send to a different address than your billing address. 

When you get to checkout, you will be asked for a Shipping Address. Just enter the address where you want the toys to go. It will calculate shipping and then give you the options to pay. At that point it will ask for your Billing Address and payment.  

I don't want to pay shipping, can I do pickup instead? 

Yes. We are currently offering local curbside pickup in Toronto and Waterloo, Ontario. 

Is the Schomberg pickup location available?  

Yes, our Schomberg pickup location is available again for the holidays. 
If you can't see it as a "Pick up" option, when you are checking out, it may be because Schomberg is sold out of one of the toys you want. Contact Alexa via chat and she'll figure out which toy is it and options to get you want you want.   

Can I come to your store in Waterloo to pick up my toys so I don't have to pay shipping?

We don't have a store. But we DO have curbside pickups for Waterloo.

Just select PICKUP and Waterloo Curbside Pickup when you check out. 

Our Waterloo pickup location is near Lexington and Bridge Street.
Waterloo curbside pickups can be arrange for most days, yes, even weekends. We prefer to do pickups between 10am and 7pm.

I live in Toronto, where can I pick-up toys? 

We have Toronto curbside pickups available.
Just select PICKUP and Toronto Curbside Pickup when you check out. 
Our Toronto pickup location is downtown, near Ryerson,  close to Gerrard and Jarvis.

I have another question about shipping or pickup.

For more details on shipping, please check our Shipping Policy page  
If that doesn't answer your question, just click HERE or on the Chat button over to the right and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

I have another question. 

Great! Just click HERE or on  the Chat button over to the right and we'll answer your question as quickly as we can!