About Us

Welcome to Thorpe Toys 

Thorpe Toys is a family-run Canadian business that has been making high-quality wooden toys for over 30 years.

The Thorpe Family

Founded by Jerry and Rosemary Thorpe in 1975, our toys have always been hand-crafted in Waterloo, Ontario from our own, original designs. 

We started making toys for our own children, then for nieces, nephews, and friends, and then started selling at local craft shows and fairs.


Our Toys

We make a wide variety of wooden toys for all ages ranging including boats, planes, swings and trains. We also have traditional learning toys such as our Mouse & Cheese which teaches hand-eye coordination. Toys like our balloon-powered boat teach basic scientific principles. Learning about the environment and ecosystem is easier with Thorpe Toys flower presses and bug boxes. We also have traditional and retro games of skill.

Many of our designs are based on traditional wooden toys played with and loved by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.


Our toys are made from Canadian woods and are left unpainted and unfinished. Leaving our toys free from paint, stain, varnish and oils, allows us to provide your children with safe, non-toxic, BPA-free and eco-friendly toys, ready to be played with, loved and even chewed on. 


Thorpe Toys uses high-quality new wood in all our toys.  Since the environment and our eco-footprint has always been very important to us, we rescue much of our wood from high-quality new-wood off-cuts that would otherwise have been lost to the waste stream.  

We also donate our own off-cuts and sawdust to local schools and farms to reduce our own waste.


Thorpe Toys are fun, timeless, durable, and well-loved.  Over the years we have seen our toys handed from generation to generation and kids who bought a toy grow up to be adults buying toys for their own children. 

One of the best compliments we get is to hear that another generation is loving Thorpe Toys.

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