Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse
Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

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Our Rocking Horse is perfect for your kids with growing imaginations.

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Your trusty steed. Ready to help you on your quest. Also handy for rodeo scenes, riding with the knights of the round table, going on mounted police chases, or simply a trail ride. 

  • Safety stoppers at the end of the rockers prevent over-rocking the Rocking Horse for those extra active imaginations and bodies.
  • Our wooden toys are heirloom-quality and built to last.
  • Durable and sturdy, this Rocking Horse can be passed from child-to-child and from generation-to-generation.

This is a fantastic gift for young children and new parents setting up their nursery and playrooms.

The natural wood means the Rocking Horse will fit in anywhere and is also ready to be personalized by anyone feeling creative. Will your horse be a chestnut, or a palomino, a bay or a grey? Or will you get even more creative? How about purple and blue just like Twilight?


Length: 79cm
Width: 28cm
Height: 63cm

* please note that all our toys are handcrafted, so dimensions will vary slightly from toy to toy