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This simple and fun wooden car is styled after the classic look of the original Volkswagen Beetle.  Great for zipping around the playroom or commuting to the living room, or even taking yourself out for a lovely meal in the dining room.

The Beetle Car comes with:

  • one wooden passenger, which will fit all Thorpe Toy passenger vehicles.
  • free from paint, stains or toxic finish
  • only 100% natural materials.
  • heirloom quality and built to last.

 It is very durable, has easy-rolling wheels and smooth edges and will hold up under an immense amount of play.

This handcrafted wooden car is a wonderful alternative to plastic toys for your children and is ready to play.


Length: 11.5cm
Width: 7cm
Height: 8cm

* please note that all our toys are handcrafted, so dimensions will vary slightly from toy to toy