Elephant Coat Rack
Elephant Coat Rack
Elephant Coat Rack

Elephant Coat Rack

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Who doesn’t love elephants? Bring this adorable Elephant Coat Rack home for your children’s or grandchildren’s coats and hats. Make it more fun for them to hang up their clothes!

Elephants are very smart animals. And they’re known to be very good parents to their young, spending lots of time with them in the bush or on the savannah.

For ease of shipping, our Elephant Coat Rack comes ready to assemble, with 2 small screws to make it ready to use. 

Guaranteed to make you smile every time you walk past!


Length: 23.5cm 
Width: 29.5cm 
Height: 26cm

* please note that all our toys are handcrafted, so dimensions will vary slightly from toy to toy