Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag

Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag

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Our most popular toys for stocking stuffers and Hanukkah gifts have been bundled together into this Gift Bag. 

You'll get the following toys: 

  • Bat & Bat game
  • Ring Toss game
  • Vintage Wooden Car
  • Yo Yo

and you get to choose 2 more! 

Pick one of our popular games

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Solitaire
Pick one of our toys that keeps both your hands and brain active: 
  • Worm Puzzle
  • DIY Paddle Boat kit. 

Yes, that's 6 toys all together in one bundle! 

Give them all to one lucky girl or boy, or share them around. Adults love these toys too, so don't forget to let them play too.