Goody Bag Full of Toys

Goody Bag Full of Toys

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Our most popular small toys have been bundled together into this great goody bag. Use them for birthday parties, grab bags and for when a little something is the perfect thing.  

You'll get the following toys: 

  • Ball & Bat game
  • Ring Toss game
  • Vintage Wooden Car
  • a surprise toy! 

and you get to choose 2 more! 

Pick one of our popular games
(from the style menu above)

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Solitaire
Pick one of our toys that keeps both your hands and brain active: 
(from the colour menu above)
  • Worm Puzzle
  • DIY Paddle Boat kit. 

Yes, that's 6 toys all together in one bundle!

A great solution for: 

  • birthday party goody bags
  • stocking stuffers
  • party favours
  • Hanukkah presents
  • travel toys
  • treat bags

Give them all to one lucky girl or boy, or share them around. Adults love these toys too, so don't forget to let them play too.